What makes us different

We are using the latest eco-friendly cleaning technology available in the cleaning industry. You will therefore experience a cleaner clean than ever before. When you try out our service you will experience:

  • Cleanliness like never before
  • Attention to detail, like no other company can offer
  • Supervised, professionally trained staff
  • Nearly zero use of toxic chemicals

Our staff are carefully screened, vetted and trained. We have experience from maintenance domestic cleaning to commercial deep cleaning, all in a natural way. We are not only the first domestic cleaning company, but also the only company in South Africa that are offering a service which are detergent free, chemical free and non-toxic. The reason why we are first is because we are using specially designed first world cleaning processes, that are not only cleaning faster, but are also 100% eco-friendly.

When using our service you are also not taxing your future generations with plastic and chemical pollution. Our pricing might therefore be slightly higher than the average cleaning company, that is because there is a small additional financial cost to provide an eco-friendly service. When you compare our quote with our competitors, you will therefore see a slight difference. That difference is the cost associated to being more eco-friendly.

Therefore we guarantee that our cleaning processes are not only more effective, but also more eco-friendly. Nobody wants to be in the position to one day explain to their grand children why they are taxed with cleaning up years of plastic pollution they have inherited from their former generations… Neither should we leave to our children and grand children to deal with the rehabilitation of water resources that was polluted by years of washing cleaning chemicals down our drains during our generation…

So be rest assured that our processes are guaranteed to:

  • minimise plastic waste,
  • causes zero chemical pollution,
  • our processes and products that we use are not tested on animals and,
  • we do not make use of any animal by-products.

What more can you ask for. Get a quote today!


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