How to take care of your marble surfaces

Although marble surfaces may look hard and durable, you can damage it severely with the wrong cleaners and incorrect use. Marble is in fact vulnerable to staining, and more so than granite. So when you spill something on marble, make sure you clean it up quickly.

Marble is also more porous than granite, thus the wrong chemicals will definitely harm your marble surfaces. An acid based cleaner such as vinegar will cause your marble to loose its shine. Rather use fibres that only requires water to clean as apposed to chemicals and acid based cleaners.

Marble has small microscopic holes which traps dirt and any chemicals you are using. The normal store bought fibres do not contain the right material to remove dirt from these microscopic holes.

DewTouch are using special fibres that enters the pores of marble so that it removes the bacteria from the there, and leaves no chemical residue inside that can cause long term allergies and illnesses.

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