Removing Excessive Calcium Buildup from Glass Panels

Limescale Buildup Removal Before and After

We were called to demonstrate our ability to remove excessive calcium buildup on exterior glass panels. We were one of five companies to present our ability to remove limescale during a demonstration.

No one else could remove calcium buildup

Our client asked a total of five companies to demonstrate their ability to remove excessive limescale. Our client mentioned that none of the other companies are able to remove the calcium buildup. This is because the limescale is too severe, and they tried various products. So our client was skeptical from the outset whether we will be able to do it. Unknown to them, we have special technology, that others don’t have…

Glass panel showing limescale buildup before cleaning.
One of the glass panels with calsium buildup, and before cleaning.

The hotel management realized that they might need to replace these panels at a cost of over R8000 per panel. Our client explicitly told us: “If you cannot clean these panels, we will need to replace five of these panels”.

We proceeded with our demonstration. We gave our special technology a test drive on their glass panels. From the demo the client was surprised by the result, but still skeptical. They were skeptical on whether we could clean larger areas of excessive calcium buildup.

Cautiously confident that we could clean all panels, we proceeded with a quote. However, we were nervous even though our demo worked. Maybe because the limescale buildup was the worst we’ve ever seen!

How we removed the excessive calcium buildup

After receiving the go-ahead for the project to complete, we started the initial work on the Monday. There were many passer by’s from the various activities and events from the area around the Hotel. They made various comments, as they seem very surprised that someone is actually attempting to clean those panels. That’s how bad it was.

A passerby told us: “You are never going to clean these panels, you can just save yourself time, pack up your stuff and go home!”

What the passerby did not realize is that we preparing the panels, as results will come later. Also, we need to remove layer by layer. And that was the scary part, we do not know how many times we need to remove layers.

The sun burning onto the calcium – working against us

After the Monday we also thought, are we ever going to complete this job… Will we clean it. Yes we had our own doubts too… The problem was that as the sun heats up the day, it would make cleaning harder.

We discussed this issue, and realized we only have half a day to clean. This is because we cannot clean when the sun burns on the panels. We had to change working times.

Changing our working times

Every day from Tuesday, we arrived early, and stopped when the sun started to burn onto the panels. As we applied the product, it was quite fun to see how the our product dissolves to the limescale. It was surprising to onlookers that the product do not release any dangerous toxins. A good thing about that is that it could damage the health of our workers – our #1 priority!

Surprising the client…

Not only is the product and cleaning method safe to use, but it also is good for the environment. Hotel management found it interesting that there was no waste or pollution in the fountain water. Additionally, we used a maximum of 5 liters of water for the entire project. To help with this, we have also reused water.

The glass panel after cleaning the excessive limescale buildup.
The same glass panel after cleaning the excessive calcium buildup.

We completed the job in just 5 half days instead of the estimated 10 full day period of time.

We are proud that we were the only company that could help our client with their excessive limescale buildup. This, while our competitors were unsuccessful with various industrial strength chemicals. Those chemicals are probably very dangerous to the health of their workers and the environment.

Find out more about us, and what we can help you with, by contacting us today. Even if you have a special challenge for us, we might just take it up!

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