House Cleaning Services in Roodepoort and Krugersdorp

DewTouch House Cleaning Services is the first cleaning company in South Africa to make use of cutting edge eco-friendly technology. We are also transparent with our pricing, and provide pricing details on our website.

Deep Cleaning

With our eco-friendly technology we can also provide deep cleaning services. Deep cleaning services normally includes cleaning inside cupboards, on top of cupboards, the stove and oven.

Our before and after for deep cleaning an oven - house cleaning services.
Our before and after for deep cleaning an oven – house cleaning services

Window Cleaning

We normally exclude window cleaning from deep cleaning, regular cleaning and on demand cleaning. We can offer window cleaning, provided that all windows are reasonably accessible. Pricing is influenced based on the window type, and whether burglar bars may hinder access. You are welcome to request for a quote for window cleaning by giving us a call.

Carpet Cleaning and Washing

From a simple vacuum, to washing your carpets. We know that you do not want to wait hours for wet carpets to dry. We also know that wet carpets harm wooden furniture. So we have invested in special technology where we can get the same, if not better results, with a dry cleaning process.

What makes our carpet cleaning processes unique is that it is completely allergen free, so it is safe if you have asthma or any other allergy. The product we apply is anti-bacterial, and also eradicate dust mites. The product we use is also safe for pets and children.

After we are done, your carpet is ready for immediate use. You don’t have to wait for hours!

Regular or Maintenance House Cleaning Services

Every house or home looks different, and will therefore have a different quote. We do not charge an hourly rate for cleaning. However we have a special formula which determines a unique quote for cleaning your house. The smaller your house, the lower the quote.

Some of our competitors let their customers with smaller houses pay the same than those with larger houses. So if you have a smaller house, you may feel that we are less expensive than our competitors.

With a bigger house, we might charge the same rate, and sometimes even a higher rate, but we will complete the job. Some of our competitors will not complete the job and move towards the next job because they have only allocated a specific time slot to your house.

This is how we differentiate ourselves form other house cleaning companies.

In order to give you the best experience at the correct rates, we have developed an innovative quoting system. This quoting system then takes your unique home into consideration and gives you a special quote unique to what you need.

Additionally, we have a different, more effective working method than most of our competitors, and this impacts directly on our pricing. We are giving you the benefit in two ways: 1) by saving you money, and 2) by giving you a better cleaning result.

Take us for a test drive, to experience a faster and cleaner House Cleaning Service than what our competitors are able to give you!

On Demand Cleaning

On Demand House Cleaning Services was innovated in South Africa by SweepSouth. We have taken a similar approach by providing an instant online quoting system.

We see ourselves as experts, and experts bring their own tools and equipment, don’t they? So our difference in our on-demand cleaning is that our house cleaning services always includes cleaning tools and products. Our cleaners have their own kits, which even includes their own vacuum cleaners, mops, cloths, and any cleaning product they may need.

On top of this, our cleaners are also fully trained and receive consistent training. This means that you can relax, while we pamper your home!

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