Unique measures to help contain COVID-19 Corona-virus

National focus have shifted from prevention to containment. This is since it appears that the world won’t be able to stop the spread of the COVID-19 Corona-Virus. Drastic measures have just been implemented by President Cyril Ramaphosa.

Besides travel bans the emphasis was placed on general containment and hygiene. We at DewTouch Cleaning Services understand the seriousness of the spread of the COVID-19 Corona Virus. For this reason our cleaning services will include both killing and removing of bacteria and viruses. To explain how we will do this, we will be explaining the following in this article:

  • Removal of Bacteria and Viruses
  • Killing Airborne COVID-19 Corona-Virus
  • How we will remove and kill Corona-Virus and Bacteria
  • Why only killing Viruses and Bacteria is insufficient
  • What is the technology we are using

Removal of Bacteria and Viruses

Our existing clients are already aware that we are experts in removing bacteria from surfaces. This is because our methods already removes 99% of bacteria and other microscopic organisms. This may include COVID-19 collected on surfaces.

Killing Airborne COVID-19 Corona-Virus

However, it is possible that the COVID-19 collect in the air, and that chemical fumes from traditional cleaning methods won’t necessarily kill it. Not only is chemical cleaning methods or traditional cleaning methods normally used by other cleaning companies bad for you, it is also a health risk to those suffering from Asthma and other allergies.

How we will remove and kill Corona-Virus and bacteria

DewTouch Cleaning Services will therefore include a special air sanitation procedure during the normal regular and deep cleaning process that is eco-friendly and will kill 99% of airborne viruses and bacteria. This hospital grade treatment will be applied without any additional cost to our clients with immediate effect until the situation regarding the COVID-19 Corona virus normalizes.

What this means is that DewTouch Cleaning Services would be the only residential cleaning company in South Africa that are both removing and killing germs. We are able to do this due to special technology that we have access to, and have the sole license to use. Most other cleaning methods used by our competitors are only effectively killing germs on surfaces.

Why only killing Viruses and Bacteria is insufficient

The problem with only killing germs is that you would be leaving the “dead” germs (bacteria and viruses) on your surfaces. You would agree that this is not ideal and still presents some level of danger to your health. Additionally, only 99% of bacteria is killed in the process, which means that there is still 1% living bacteria on your surfaces. Studies have shown that these bacteria “canabilise” on the dead bacteria and build an immunity against the chemicals used.

Effectively what this means is that the chemical residue on your surfaces becomes a breeding for bacteria within about 6 hours. However, if we could remove any chemical residue, and if we removed the bacteria, then the food source of the 1% bacteria is removed and their replication is reduced dramatically.

Now that is why we say that you have to use both methods: removing as well as killing the bacteria and viruses, including airborne viruses such as the COVID-19 Corona-Virus.

What is this technology we are using?

Many cleaning companies can sanitize, but very few, if any, have the technology to remove bacteria from surfaces. The technology that we are using that sets us apart in this industry is developed by ENJO.

In summary, it is better to remove unwanted bacteria and especially viruses such as the COVID-19 Corona-Virus from your home, than to leave them dead on your surfaces. The level better than this is to also sanitize the environment by killing the bacteria and viruses and removing them.

We believe that doubling our efforts, is what you would expect from a Cleaning Company at this time where a state of disaster was declared by President Cyril Ramaphosa (15 March 2020).

Please return to this post to follow our latest updates regarding any future interventions to assist you to live in a healthy and sanitary environment.

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