An Unlikely Outcome – Zero Waste at a Post-Construction Cleaning Project

Everyone in the post-construction cleaning business will tell you that post-construction cleaning results in a significant amount of waste.

Now this might sound normal, but is it really fine to contribute to plastic waste? Cleaning generally cause a lot of waste that cannot be recycled. For example, the plastic containers in which cleaning chemicals are stored are discarded, and end up on landfill sites.

So how did we achieve zero-waste at a Post-Construction Cleaning project?

It all boils down to the technology that we are using. We did not arrive with old t-shirts and torn cloths at a multi-million rand luxury home. We arrived with the best tools you can get to get the job done, better than an old t-shirt and a spaghetti mop ever can!

You see, old t-shirts were never designed to clean properly. It was designed to be worn. In order for it to be effective you need to use a lot of chemical cleaners, that happens to come in plastic bottles. All of which are discarded after use.

On the other hand, we received complements from the project manager and other on-site personnel that they have never seen a cleaning company that cleans without throwing anything away – well except for the dust of course!

How do we end up not having bottles in which the chemicals are stored?

It certainly may not be obvious what we do… We get that. Well we have done what no other cleaning company was willing to do. We spent a lot of money to invest in the right cleaning equipment to get the job done!

And boy, do we get the job done!

We are using a product called ENJO to do all our cleaning. Yes even post-construction cleaning. The best thing is, the product just lasts, and because it takes the mechanical approach to cleaning instead of a chemical process, it actually is more effective.

You see chemical processes can damage your surfaces, but it actually is not always as effective as mechanical processes.

Ok this was a bit technical, but what it simply means is that we do not need to use chemicals to help us with cleaning, because the tehcnology is doing the work for us, with just a bit of water. In fact with less water that any chemical cleaning process would ever require.

Isn’t chemical based cleaning more effective than mechanical based cleaning?

Well, we have cleaned a lot of homes and offices with a lot of varying challenges. What we can tell you, the mechanical based method really works a lot better! We have been the only company to clean certain challenging surfaces with our tools where others had failed. We also have evidence of that. For example, we were the only company that could remove excessive calcium buildup without damaging the surface of their display panels outside the DaVinci hotel.

Well this is unbelievable

Yes it is. we are also surprised how well it works. But what we realized was that we are not wasting any product in the process. We are not throwing away any cloths we are using, neither are we wasting any plastics or chemicals down the drains into our precious water sources.

Environmental Consciousness

We are an environmental conscious company. We make sure that the products we use are safe for us and our staff and of course to our customers. We also understand surfaces. Certain surfaces, like marble, do not like chemicals. It will fade over time, and look dull. So we take special care what we do to your surfaces.

From a sourcing perspective, the supplier and manufacturer of the core products that we use in our business to clean, also have zero-waste certification. If we cannot use the product any longer due to wear and tear, they would send it to be used as stuffing within vehicle seats.

We also know how the product is manufactured, where their electricity comes from and it all is one of the best eco-friendly processes that we have come across. The electricity is derived from renewable sources, such as hydro-electricity, and the people they are making use of are properly compensated and paid for their role in the value chain.

Are your cleaning processes safe for my brand new and expensive surfaces?

Absolutely. The product we are using are trusted by brands such as Duravit and Hansgrohe. Because we use special cleaning processes and technology, our staff are specially trained to understand each and every different surface to not only get the best results, but also to help you to take care and preserve your surfaces.

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