DewTouch provides a superior cleaning service using the best eco-friendly processes and products on the market. Our core service are regular cleaning of homes, which we like to refer to as a pamper session. We pamper your home because our cleaning processes are non-corrosive to your surfaces and provides a gentle touch, yet a better clean than any other traditional method.

We have attention to detail, and our supervised teams are trained hygiene specialists in the latest 21st century eco-friendly cleaning processes.

The word “Dew” in our name refers to nature and that we do not pollute water with chemicals and use little water in our processes. The word “Touch” refers to our attention to detail, our care for our customers and their biggest investment which are their homes.

Spoil your home (your biggest investment) with a special pamper session from DewTouch today!

Reduce Your Health Risks

Cleaning solutions that are environmentally friendly and are not harmful to humans and pets reduces the exposure to toxicity normally experienced by chemicals such as ammonia, chlorine, acid and other common chemicals found in traditional cleaning products.

Additionally, environmentally friendly cleaning solutions are non-allergenic and therefore the #1 choice for allergy sufferers as well as naturally conscious people.

Why is it Important to Invest in regular cleaning with a Specialist Cleaning Company?

  • Healthier living environment for you as well as your pets
  • Positive impression to others about your home
  • No odour that triggers allergies
  • You will feel better and more healthier
  • Feel more confident about your living space
  • Fixtures and fittings in your home receives better care and are kept in a good state
  • and many more…

Why Green Cleaning Helps You to Live a Better Life?

A clean environment is a healthy environment. A healthy environment results in fewer illnesses and allergies. We all know that suffering from illnesses and allergies are painful and not the way that we want to spend our time at home. We rather would want to be productive and healthy so that we can enjoy our living space and life in general. If you have children who often are absent from school due to allergies or illnesses, then you would agree that missing school is not to their future benefit. A clean home is a happy home!

Asthma and Allergies

The leading cause that triggers asthma was shown to be related to cleaning. In fact, cleaning with chemicals. Green cleaning has shown to reduce the number of times asthma medication was needed.  We are using cleaning technology that are approved by the Norwegian Asthma and Allergy Association, as well as the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA).

Processes Used for Cleaning

The magic happens with the products that we are using to clean. We use very specially designed fibres which were designed and manufactured in Austria. Unlike microfibres the product we use are 6x more effective, thus provides a better result that you will experience. We normally will recommend that our customers make use of the same product to maintain their cleaning between our service visits to their home. We will even offer you a generous discount for doing so. To learn more about the products we are using you can discuss it directly with one of our team leaders and they will be happy to show you.