Cleaning Service for Workspace Preparation and Deep Cleaning

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We are able to both KILL and REMOVE Micro-Organisms, such as Bacteria, Germs and Fungi through our Cleaning Services.

Disinfection (Killing 100% of Micro-Organisms)

We use eco-friendly disinfectant that is HACCP compliant. Disinfection is the process to kill 100% of micro-organisms such as germs, bacteria and fungi. Remember, that the process of disinfection does not remove the dead micro-organisms.

Deep Cleaning PLUS Micro-organism Removal

The traditional deep cleaning processes leave residue plus approximately 40% to 60% of micro-organisms on the surfaces. Whereas we are the only company in South Africa with specialized technology that enables us to REMOVE 99% of micro-organisms from your surfaces.

Eco-Friendly and Safe Cleaning Service

We use proper safety gear for our staff where we utilise dangerous product. Additionally our processes and technology used is eco-friendly, which means it is safe for you, your workers and the environment. Our special processes utilise the least amount of water, nearly zero plastic waste and particles. We also use no dangerous chemicals that can damage your surfaces, cause harm to your staff, or that can cause harm to the environment.

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DewTouch Cleaning Services Lowest Price Guarantee:

If you have received a cheaper quote (that is still valid) from one of our competitors for the same service offering, then please let us know and we will see if we can beat that quote. This guarantee is subject to that we have an opening at the desired time to assist you, and that we are able to operate in your area.