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Discover the 4 Little Dirty Secrets that Your Cleaning Company Don't Want You to Find Out

If any of this applies to you, perhaps you should find a cleaning company that knows what they are doing.

Your Shower/Bathroom has Calcium Buildup or water stains

Step 1

Look around your taps in your bathroom. Also look at your shower glass panels. Are there any stains there? Maybe even just water stains, or calcium build-up. If so, maybe it is time to get a new cleaning company - and fast, because these stains can cause permanent damage to the surface if it is not properly removed, and those fittings are quite expensive to replace.

Touch the top of your doors.

Step 1

If you find dust on your fingers, where else did they miss? When last did they clean there? If it is dirty, why do they not clean there? It is so simple and easy to do on a regular schedule. Why not try us, and finally experience a clean home.

Is your surfaces streak free

Step 3

Stand at an angle, and look at your kitchen surfaces when the surface reflects the light to show the surface. Is there any streaks? If so, why? Maybe it is time to get a company that knows how to clean surfaces properly.

HACCP Cleaning Processes and Supervision of Staff

Step 4

As a standard practice we apply HACCP hygiene practices as part of our home cleaning services so that we limit cross-contamination inside the home. Does your cleaning company apply these standards? Do they even know what it is?


"My wife was thrilled of the level of cleanliness that she experienced after DewTouch was here".

D Anderson

Home Owner, Wilgeheuwel


"No one else could clean those shower heads. How did you do it?".

J van Vuuren

Renovator, Roodepoort

A Note From the Owner

Our level of service have helped us to grow very fast. The reason why we are different is because we use proper world class technology, that are out of reach to the average cleaning company in South Africa. This and our service levels differentiates us from any other cleaning company out there. 

About 7 years ago I realized that all the cleaning products that I could find  only kills germs, and do not remove them. Research shows that this is because the cloths and fibers used are not effective in that area, I thought to my self... YUCK! We have dead bacteria on our surfaces and we think it is clean! Not only does these products leave a residue, but it is simply not able to clean to an acceptable standard.

I then found a supplier in Europe that have patented technology. I got the license for South Africa to import and distribute the technology. I presented the technology to many cleaning companies, but they simply could not understand. So I decided to start DewTouch in late 2019. 

If you want to experience "clean", get is, if not, anyone else will do just fine... 

Elrike Janse van Rensburg, CEO

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