Home Cleaning Services

Home Cleaning Services

There is an old saying that a clean home is a happy home, but we say that an eco-friendly cleaned home is a healthy home! Our Home Cleaning Services includes anything from regular weekly visits to spring cleaning and deep cleaning. We do it all with natural cleaning technology that are surprisingly effective and fast. Our methods are gentle on your surfaces and brings back the shine within your home. Why not let us pamper your biggest investment?

Your Experience: Our team of highly trained hygiene specialists will use the latest eco-friendly techniques to pamper your home and get the job done without wasting time! Our team makes sure that each customer receives and experiences the highest quality service in the industry.

Our Eco-Friendly Techniques: We are using specialised equipment and tools fully eliminates chemical exposure to you and our staff. Our eco-friendly techniques goes further in that the cleaning products we are using reduces plastic wastage by 99%.

To guarantee our service levels we provide our own cleaning products on which our staff are trained. One of the most important techniques that our staff are trained in is how to prevent cross contamination between the kitchen and the bathrooms, as well as which products to use for which surface. These are typically ignored by other cleaning companies.

Our five star eco-friendly cleaning techniques are truly a first in South Africa! Try us out, what have you got to loose?

We respect your privacy and our staff are trained not to open drawers and cupboards in bedrooms during regular cleaning. However when cleaning requires cleaning inside cupboards then we will kindly remind you to remove any personal and valuable items.

We will provide you with a complete list of what is included in our cleaning service. However our regular cleaning list includes all items generally included in a proper regular cleaning session. For example: Cleaning the outside of kitchen cupboards, dusting the blades of ceiling fans and curtain rails. These three items are just a taste of what to expect. Why not rather book us for an initial visit and experience our regular cleaning service?