Our Services

Regular Home Cleaning

We have attention to detail, and our supervised teams are trained hygiene specialists in the latest 21st century eco-friendly cleaning processes.

Move In and Out Cleaning

Spring Cleaning or Deep Cleaning, your choice. Who wants to live with someone else's bugs? Get us to take care of that in an eco-friendly manner!

Spring/Initial Cleaning

Although our regular maintenance cleaning is comprehensive, our spring cleaning offering is even more comprehensive with attention to detail. Did we mention, it is eco-friendly too!

Deep Cleaning

We are using special eco-friendly technology which gives a superior deep cleaning result.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. We treat our staff with respect, and provide them with a path for personal growth.
2. Our staff have the opportunity to become team leaders and if shown potential, drive and passion, will be able to become managers and even franchisees.
3. One of the main reasons why we use eco-friendly cleaning processes are because chemicals are especially very bad for those using it. Unlike our competitors, our unique cleaning processes are 100% safe for our staff and they will not suffer from health issues due to the use of chemicals.

Choose a company who cares for their staff like DewTouch does!

This is a joint responsibility between you as customer and us as service provider. Firstly you need to make sure that your sensitive documentation such as bank statements are filed away and that any valuable items are locked away. Even though our staff are carefully selected and proper background checks are done, we do not take responsibility for the loss of any valuable items. From our side, however we have done proper background checks and provided the necessary training, and additionally we do not clean inside cupboards, drawers etc, unless specifically requested to do so by you. If you request us to clean inside any of these sensitive areas, you will be provided with a reminder to remove any valuable and private items.

We provide a cleaning service only, which excludes ironing. This is because our pricing and service offering is focused in a way to provide you with the best eco-friendly experience possible at the best price that we can offer. We can however recommend ironing services from alternative service providers who's focus is washing and ironing.

Initial cleaning is the first time we clean your place and involves a few extra items that we clean that are not included in our regular cleaning routine. Our regular cleaning routine is a thorough cleaning service that are provided at least once per week. You can look at the regular cleaning service as maintenance cleaning. We have a comprehensive list which you will receive when you sign up for our regular cleaning service.

Spring cleaning is done one special request and may include cleaning inside your fridge, and inside kitchen cupboards. This is a more comprehensive cleaning service which are not necessary to perform weekly.

Deep Cleaning includes a special process and special equipment that provides a proper clean of the area, typically bathrooms. However remember deep cleaning is not a magic wand that repairs surfaces that were damaged due to lack of maintenance cleaning.

We currently do not offer this service, however we can recommend a service provider who specialises in the cleaning of ovens.

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