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A Special Message Regarding How We Deal With COVID-19 Sanitization

A personal message from our CEO

I personally would like to thank you for taking your time to request a quote from me. I will contact you to discuss any other needs you may have.

I also know that during this time we are all concerned about the further spread of COVID-19 Corona virus, and that we all are taking precautionary measures.

At Dewtouch we believe that killing is not enough, and that whatever germs, bacteria or viruses there are, it should be removed, dead or alive. 

We are the only company in South Africa that can claim that we both Remove and Kill 99% of bacteria, germs and viruses. That is because we are using special equipment that are unavailable on the open market. 

Additionally to removing bacteria, germs and viruses, for our our COVID-19 Deep Cleaning we also sanitize the air and surfaces as part of our cleaning processes.

Further, Our workers are not taking any public transport and are collected from home. In that way we limit their contact with other people as well. We also gave them additional training by providing them with validated information on the COVID-19 situation.

We can assure you, once we left your workspace, it will be sanitized and 99% of all bacteria and viruses will be killed and removed...

Looking forward to chat with you and discuss the way forward.

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