2 Bedroom Units or Couples

Have better things to do than cleaning?

Let us help you out...

Do better things with your time

We take care of your place, while you take care of your lifestyle! Which is to work hard and play hard! Definitely not cleaning!

No Staff Worries

Let us worry about staff, labour, UIF, BCEA, leave, sick leave, training and all the legal paperwork, and so on and so forth.

We use our cleaning stuff

Well that saves you money and saves you from walking the chemical isle, so it is easier and quicker to shop.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning

We clean the eco-friendly way. Everything we use is safe for the environment, and for you and especially our staff!

Cancel Anytime

There is no risk to you – You can cancel at anytime you wish. We do not hold you to a minimum term contract.

Receive R100 for each referral

Receive a R100 reward for each successful referral that you refer to us. We will apply your referral reward as a discount to your next month’s cleaning.

Monthly Price Guarantee

Pricing is based on 4 service visits per month. If a month has an extra service visit, that visit will be on the house! Our monthly pricing guarantee may be subject to an initial term contract.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning

We use highly specialised products to clean your home. This is perfect to keep your home non-allergenic and non-toxic, yet super clean!

How are my cleaning days allocated?

We allocate regular time slots based on the availability of our teams in order to provide the best quality service at an affordable price.

Can I choose which days I am serviced?

Yes, you can choose for a fee of R100/mo extra. We normally allocate to you days which we can service your home. To keep our pricing low, we will first allocate, and should you wish to change your cleaning days then you will be charged a R100/mo fee extra on the plan you have chosen.

I do not want to schedule regular cleaning now, but can I try you out first?

Yes, definitely! You can try us out by scheduling an ad-hoc cleaning session.